Active Violence by Terrorists, Extremists, and other Violent Actors: Recognition and Immediate Response Strategies (10-30-2019) / Oklahoma City, OK CLOSED

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The workshop is designed for private or corporate security personnel, those responsible for the safety of a company, organization, or facility, as well as risk managers, and human relations personnel. 

 Workshop Overview

Frequently, the news media and press are reporting on an act of violence in a public or work venue that resulted in or could have resulted in multiple casualties. The attacks have been carried out by terrorists, violent extremists, and other violent-actors.

Weapons used have included firearms, knives and other bladed weapons, explosives, vehicles, and more. There is no evidence that the incidence of these attacks will decline soon. There are growing concerns that terrorists may consider using weapons of mass destruction (WMD) including chemical agents, biological agents, and toxins, high yield explosives, or explosives laced with radioactive materials (CBRNe).

This one-day, subject matter expert-led workshop explores the mindset of a terrorist, violent extremist, or violent-actor intending to attack a company, facility, school, religious facility, office, commercial facility, or public venue. Understanding these mindsets can help to detect concerning behavior more readily or, a suspicious activity that may telegraph an impending attack. This information, when paired with a facility’s physical security and vulnerability assessment, can assist security personnel with developing enhanced preparedness plans and vulnerability mitigation (“target hardening”) efforts.

Topics covered in this workshop include:

·       Differing motivations among terrorists, violent extremists, and others

·       Learning from the recent past through case study summaries

·       Terrorist produced online “how-to” guides for terrorist followers and “homegrown” extremists

·       Targets for violent attacks

·       Immediate response to violent attacks: Is “Run, Hide, Fight” still appropriate?

·       Immediate lifesaving actions that may save victims’ lives

Primary Audience

Anyone with responsibility for or interest in the security and preparedness of a school, religious facility, healthcare facility, retail store, public event venue, lodging property, office, or another public venue


Setting and Approach

This workshop will be conducted by one or more subject matter expert instructors in a classroom setting. The course includes case studies, small group activities, a short “red cell” activity, and other classroom discussions intended to facilitate a relaxed and interactive learning environment.

The Day of the Course

Breaks and Lunch: Break refreshments will be provided. Lunch is “on your own.”

Dress: Dress for participants should be relaxed and casual.

Handout Materials: Necessary handout materials will be provided at the class.